Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Estimation of our Potential Part 1

A secular Jew once asked me how I would feel after 120 years, chas vashalom, if I found out that all that I had dedicated my life to, that all the sacrifices that I made were for nothing. What would I say if I found out, chas vashalom, that the Torah was not the true blueprint for life.

I told him “the doubt that he has” tugs at the core of our existence and is an integral part of our reason for being. However his premise is wrong and his question is really not a question. Exactly the fear that he has is the basis for the purpose of creation. Every moment of our lives we are faced with that question. It is that quantum leap of faith, which is the reason why we exist. That doubt is necessary, for without it there would be no test. We would be nothing less than melachim. Every moment of our lives we are faced with that question and if we pass that test, if we choose to believe even amongst great hardships, then we have, at least for that moment, fulfilled our purpose of existence.
One of the most amazing things that we experience in this world is when we are faced with a test. The harder the test, the greater the potential for growth. One thing we need to make ourselves aware of is that the ability we possess to actualize our potential is greater than we think. How many times have we surprised ourselves when faced with a hardship that we promised ourselves we could never handle, yet we overcame with flying colors. Hashem constantly tests us. Without these tests we would never be able to realize and actualize our potential. We underestimate ourselves. It is through the tests and hardships that Hashem gives, we realize our capabilities.


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