Friday, October 14, 2005

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is clearly a difficult day for everyone. For a bereaved parent especially, the awesomeness of the day and the realization of what is at stake only increases the intensity.  Unesaneh Tokef strikes at the heart of the significance of the day. I could not help but relive the previous Yom Hakippurim where we pleaded with Hashem to heal our daughter. In his great wisdom, in which we have no understanding, he chose not to. During Maariv, we recite a tefilah comparing G-d to different tradesman – a glacier, a carpenter and relate how simple man is to manipulate by G-d. It means that with a “flick on a finger”, Hashem could have healed Nechama but chose not to. I pray that G-d will give us the strength to truly believe that this is a chesed for us.
The last tefilos of the Yom Kippur davening are Shema Yisroel recited 3 times and Hashem Hu HaElokim which is recited 7 times. Recited is an understatement, scream is a more accurate term to describe what actually occurs. I once read a vort on what to concentrate when reciting Shema. Hashem represents G-d’s mercy. Elokim represents the strict judgment aspect aspect of G-d. When reciting Shema, we should keep in mind that Hashem (Rachamim) and Elokim(Din) are one. It is same Hashem who deals us a blow that “gives us a kiss on the forehead”. We scream towards the heavens but the goal is to pierce our hearts.
The Yomam Noariyim leaves us all feeling pretty emotionally drained .Wishing you all a Truly Sweet New Year filled with all the brochos in the world. I pray that Moshiach will come soon.


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I wish you and your family a Gemar tov, and a year of Nechama for the loss of your beautiful daughter Nechama. May you know no more sorrow.

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