Friday, April 15, 2005

Estimation of our Potential Part 2

I once said that if I created the world, I would create it without sickness or poverty. I would make the world without loneliness or fear. A world without death, without strife, without pain. The first thing that I realized was that, although I may have my own opinions about how the world should have been created, I did not create the world. G-d did. This may seem like an obvious point but think about how many times we question Hashems’ judgment. Think of all the times that we were jealous, angry and revengeful. In truth, all middos raos come from the same root. That is why it says in Gemara : Avodah Zarah, “Anavah Gedola Mecoolam”, the characteristic of humility is greater than all of the other character traits. That is because the key to having good middos and staying away from bad ones is humility. When we feel these negative emotions, especially if we act on them, aren’t we saying that I know better than Hashem. That he is not the true judge and creator, chas-veshalom.


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