Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Massive Brochos Campaign

Close friends of ours introduced a Brochos campaign throughout the Five Towns and Far Rockaway. All of the boys and girls schools in the % towns and Far Rockaway are participating. The purpose of the campaign to is to encourage people to make brochos out loud so that other can say amen with a minimum of 5 said out loud per day. Prizes are given to qualifying students. Dovid HaMelech instituted that each person should say 100 brochos daily. In that zechus many tragedies can be averted.
The campaign is dedicated in memory of Nechama Liba A”H. It is also dedicated in memory of a young girl who was tragically killed in New Jersey.
One shabbos, Nechama and this girl actually played together. Now they are living in a lichtege Gan Eden reaping the merits of thousand of students saying brochos and amen.

My wife and I are overcome with emotion and appreciation. This means the world to us and we gratefully appreciate it. If you know of someone who lost a child, doing something in their memory, big or small, provides a tremendous feeling of comfort. It is a true chesed shel emes. We all need to get past the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what to say or do. The parents will appreciate it. They will never be able to thank you enough. Don’t hesitate to do something or to say something to the parents.

Just by telling them a story about their child or telling them that you think about their child will be the greatest gift that you can give. Don’t worry about it being uncomfortable. They will appreciate no matter what.


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