Monday, December 19, 2005

Simchas haChaim

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Dear Asher,
   Of course I remember you and I appreciate your kind words. It gives my wife and I immeasurable nachas to know that people continue to gain chizuk from Nechama. She was far greater in person than we could possibly describe on paper.The thing that amazes me most, to this day, is that we truly never realized that she was aware that her condition was terminal. Actually, no one who was close to her was aware that Nechama knew her prognosis. Of course she knew that she was sick but we never spoke about death. Yet she fooled all of us. We only found out later from a confidant of hers.Nechama Liba a”h maintained her Simchas haChaim thru it all. We felt that she was just too happy; she couldn't possibly be aware of the fact that she was most likely going to die young. The “mussar” is: if Nechama was able to have such unwavering love of life and Simchas haChaim in the face of death, surely the rest of us can maintain our Simchas haChaim in the face of much lesser challenges.I wish you and your family the best. I have thought of you (and K) many times throughout the years.My wife and I appreciate your email more than you could know. Hatzlachah rabbah!Please be in touch.Glen

Dear Glen,It's been such a long time and I don't even know if you remember me. Rabbi Barry Nathan, who was in LA relayed to me the tragic news.Shortly afterwards, I came across this blog and was deeply moved. I related some of its contents to a large group of 9th and 12th graders at a recent Shabbaton in Los Angeles. In particular your comment about Nechama Liba living with a smile "cemented" on her face had a tremendous roshem on the kids. You have transcended worlds within your own lifetime. May Hashem give you and your beautiful mishpacha the continued ability to inspire others through your probing machshavos that are so real and relatable.b'vrachaAsher Brander


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