Sunday, June 12, 2005


With Shavuos rapidly approaching, it is incumbent on me to contrast this with my Pesach expecations. This is the first Shavuos without Nechama A"H. By definition, it is much less of a family holiday than Pesach. For those who stay up all night, the first night is somewhat rushed in order to get out to learning. The first day meal,awkward, at best, at 2pm is not your average seuda. The rest of Yom Tov is trying to get back onto a normal schedule. In addition, getting through Pesach has taught me that just about anything is possible. "Gam Ze Yavor" means this too will pass. Nechama used to used that expression often. it was one of her "words of advice" for Rabbi Stein in her famous letter. Wishing you all a pleasant Yom Tov!


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