Monday, December 05, 2005

amazing chesed

We’ve all been to Simchas for both for families and friends. And we’ve all hosted our own Simchas for one occasion or another. There is always lots of food and entertainment. The first thing you do is scope out the scene. See what there is to eat, mingle with a few friends and acquaintances. Inevitably, you start to look for the Baal Simcha. He might be the father of the choson or kallah or the father of the Bar Mitzvah bochur.
Imagine, upon inquiry, you find out that the father couldn’t be there. He is sick in the hospital. You would probably sigh or feel a pit in your stomach. “What a shame.” you might say. But now there is an organization that is doing something to make the lives of these individuals and their families better. I recently had the privilege of seeing them in action. They do audio\video hookups in the hospital for parents or siblings who are too ill to go to a family simcha. The setup is absolutely amazing. Professional video crew is situated at the simcha hall. A cable is connected to a van outside the hall with satellite dishes on top. The signal is transmitted to another van (with satellite dishes) situated outside of the hospital. Cables are run from the van to the hospital room. This is where it gets really amazing. The hospital room windows are not allowed to be opened so they run the cable throughout the hospital. They laid the cable up the stairs, down the hall. Whatever it takes! And “poof”, you have instant, real time video\audio feed right in your hospital room of the entire simcha.
Now, first things first, these guys who are involved in this organization have an express ticket to Gan Eden (after 120years). Can anyone think of a greater gift to a family where someone is sick?! If you think about it, is there any sane person who would give up going to their child’s wedding or Bar Mitzvah? Would anyone miss their simcha even for an offer of tens of thousands of dollars? The "gift" that this organization is providing is invaluable and a tremendous chesed that can never be repaid. Fortunately, we were never in a position to take advantage of this but for those who do, it is an incredible service. I pray that no one should ever need it. But it is an example where we can do things to make the plight of families where someone is sick that mch better.


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