Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another Couple

Years ago, we were on one of our typical “extended visits" to Columbia. Most likely it was due to a line infection. We spent Shabbos there often. There was a Chassidishe couple there. We ate the Shabbos Seuda together and passed the time with some light talk. We shared stories describing the difficulty situations which, we as parents, are forced to undergo when you have a sick child. Shabbos was always difficult, always put into awkward situations. I remember talking on the phone with a nurse one Friday night, before she hung up, she wished me Good Shabbos. I never hesitated to be "Machallel Shabbos" for Nechama's health, yet it always bothered me and left me feeling torn inside. While we finished our Shabbos Seuda, we talked about the fear of having a sick child and the impact on the other siblings. They had many other children who were "farmed out" at home while they stayed at the hospital. It was a source of comfort to talk with other parents who had been through much of what we had experienced. Something was struck me as strange about the conversation but I didn't pick up on it until later. Privately, the wife told my wife that the child wasn't theirs. The child's real mother had mental issues so they agreed to take the child. I can't imagine where they got the strength to voluntarily put themselves through so much trauma and pain for someone else's child. I was in awe of their chesed. This can't be compared to a one time favor like driving car pool for a neighbor or lending them some sugar. But the next time someone asks us for a small favor, we should keep in mind these people and do it with a smile. Mi cAmcha Yisroel.


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