Sunday, June 26, 2005

Part 3: Days before camp

Our initial departure to camp was delayed for 2 days. Doctor's orders. In the meantime, I had taught my new trick to Nechama. We went to the drug store , bought an ace bandage, tied it to her leg and went home. When we walked in, Saguite didn't notice anything different. She knew something was up because Nechama and I were hysterical laughing. Finally Nechama starting waving her hands in the air. Saguite freaked and we all burst out laughing. Boy, that was a laugh to remember. Since My brother in-law Yaniv from Florida was supposed to be in New York on the same day that we were going to camp (Now Tuesday) with his then girlfriend, now wife. They desperately wanted for Natalie to meet Nechama before she went to camp and that was the consolation prize for going to camp late. I went to work while Natalie and Yaniv took pictures and videos of Nechama and the kids. A close friend of the family described Nechama, in her blue outfit on that day, as regal. Natalie and Nechama hit it off right away and Nechama gave her approval. This was something that Yaniv said sealed the decision for him to marry Natalie less then a year later. The problem was that now a new problem developed and we needed to bring Nechama to the doctor to check her out suspecting a possible infection. We picked up Ilana (Nechama’s best friend and Big Sister from Chai lifeline) headed to Columbia Presbyterian for a quick test and then off to camp. We arrived at Columbia, took a few tests but there was still one test left and the nurse did not have it. She said "oh just run down to the ER”, (since she needed to leave for the day) and “they will do it for you”. Somehow we were admitted by mistake and we were stuck in the ER for almost 2 hours. We were all a bit frustrated. Well we finally made it out of there and off to camp. When we got there we played the same trick on the camp nurse, Miriam G. Nechama wrapped the pump with an ace bandage around her leg. This time Miriam noticed right away and started to freak. What a great time we had! It was my "custom" to spend the first few nights of camp nearby in case of emergency. I dropped off Nechama and Ilana and headed for a nearby hotel room for the night. As I pulled away from the camp, I looked in my rearview mirror at Ilana and Nechama. They were giggling and smiling and I thought to myself, “Was there ever a happier moment in her life?”


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Dont' stop blogging, you blog is part of my daily routine and gives me a lot of chizuk. My best to you and your family

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