Sunday, July 03, 2005

Part 4 Camp Simcha Special 2004

The next morning, I drove to work from the mountains. After work, against my better judgment, I drove home instead of following my usual custom of going to sleep near camp. About 2/3rds of the way home, I got a call from Nechama's counselor, saying that she had fever and refused to go to the infirmary. I guess Nechama inherited, a suspicious eye for doctors from her parents. Nechama's medical position :) was that she should first take Tylenol and see if the fever goes down. If it does not, only then would she agree to go to the infirmary. I told her that while I concur with her medical assessment and decision, being that she was in camp, she needed to be subservient to the decisions o the camp doctor. The medical staff headed by Dr Dolitsky, honestly did everything that they could to keep her in camp but things became more and more complicated and it became obvious that she required hospitalization. When Dr Dolitsky told her that she needed to leave camp, she asked, "Did my parents agree?" When he gave a positive response, she smiled and said "ok" and gave one of her famous warm smiles. Anyone who knew Nechama understood that camp meant the world to her. Her entire camp experience, the one she counted the days towards for a year, barely lasted 24 hours. We also understood, only later on, that she knew how serious the situation was. She understood that her disease was terminal and that things were getting bad. Yet she still easily accepted her situation. Dr. Dolitsky told me the follow up during shiva, 6 weeks later. He had an appointment that next morning in the city and being that it was already late being that it took awhile to get Nechama all set to leave, he decided to go straight to the city and maybe even sleep in the car. While driving to the city, another car SLAMMED into dr. Dolistky's car and totaled it. He climbed out of the car with barely a scratch. When the Camp Rav heard about this, He said that Dr. Dolitsky was saved in the merit of sending off that little Tzedekas referring to Nechama Liba A"H.


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