Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ateres Nechama Liba Simcha Hall

The idea to name the Simcha Hall for Nechama Liba was the brain child of Rabbi Hiller (dean of Bnos Bais Yaakov where Nechama attended school a.k.a BBY) and 3 women in the community that were close to Nechama and our family. They made a tremdous effort to raise money and still continue to do so to meet their goal. It is a befitting and everlasting memorial to Nechama and a tremendous source of nachas for our entire family.

Ateres- Nechama was described as regal; her tznius was not a negative, smothering device. It was part of who she was.
Nechama- She brought comfort to all who knew her. From her parents to her friends to even strangers
Liba- She embraced life. She accepted her lot in life but only after a good fight. She had a strength that amazed even the most experienced doctors. Her years were short but she lived life to the fullest.
Simcha- Her life was imbued with simcha. Her smile was her signature. Her giggle was described as infectious.
Hall- a place where her name will always be associated to happy occasions

It is interesting to note that Elana and Yaniv were probably the 2 closest people to Nechama besides her immediate family.
They were both engaged on the same day and they both got married on the same day and it certainly wasn't preplanned. It wasn't even done with each other’s knowledge.

Bnos Bais Yaakov is the name of the school where the hall resides. They just opened their new building last fall. Nechama never got to see the new building open. Rabbi Hiller is an amazing person. I have never heard of any other principal who goes to every classroom, practically every day to greet the girls. Nechama will always have a special in Rabbi Hiller 's heart. He always made special efforts for her. He is an exceptional mechanech.

In response to requests that were made:
Checks for both Ateres Nechama Liba and the Ateres Nechama Liba Hachnoses Kallah fund can be made to Ateres Nechema Liba and mailed to 613 Beach 9th Street Far Rockaway ,NY 11691


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