Thursday, July 14, 2005

Part 7 Beginning of the end

Towards the end of Shabbos, I got a phone call from Nechama's Cardiologist.
She asked me how Nechama was doing. I explained to her that things were going well and that according to the 2-day rule, since there was no reoccurrence that we were pleased.
In addition, we were having a great time. Then I asked her " I know this may sound like a stupid question being that we are in ICU and Nechama still needs anti-biotics, but is there any way of her going back to camp?" I had to ask. She replied in the negative. Dr. "K" did everything in order for Nechama to go to camp but this time, the limit had been reached. Too many complications in too short a period of time even though things were going well.
As Shabbos was drawing to a close, Ilana and I took turns reading a funny book to Nechama out loud. As we reached 2/3rds into the book, Nechama and Elana broke into uncontrollable laughter.
Unfortunately, that started a chain of uncontrollable coughing.
Let it suffice to say that she ended up on a respirator and miraculously survived the night.

You can see my previous post which describes the next 5 weeks describing the tremendous outpouring of support and the tragic ending of Nechama's passing at:

If there is interest, I can expound in general terms on the events that occurred over the next 5 weeks but my intention is not to go into the more "graphic details".


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