Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Soon after Nechama Liba's letter was published in the Olemeinu, we received an anonymous post card in the mail back in December 2004.
It reads:
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Holman,
I hope all is well with your family. There is something that I would like to share with you even though you don't really know me. My name is **** and I’m in the midst of a huge crisis. All i do is cry, cry, cry and ready every day, and try to get some chizuk over my difficult situation. I am not easily moved; but your daughters letter to Rabbi Stein O"H was mechazek me very much. I felt as if she wrote this letter to me from "Gan Eden." I read it again, and again, what a special neshama. I hope that Nechama Liba will be mispallel to Hashem to send all of us who need yeshuas and and nechumas (like her name) to be given to us quickly. Thank you Nechama Liba for being mechazek me. I carry your words wherever I go!! (Signed)


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