Sunday, March 05, 2006


I have mentioned on many occasions the feeling of appreciation whenever someone shares a story or picture with us about Nechama Liba A”H. We were fortunate enough to hear a new story and in the process learn something new about Nechama. A family friend confided in us that they were having difficulty with her daughter. Whenever there is a argument in the house, the 13 year old descended to the basement and is engulfed in tears for some time. One time , her mother asked why she cried so much. Her response was surprising, “It is because of Nechama”. Her mother was surprised and continued to inquire. The daughter explained,” Whenever there was an argument in our house, I would call Nechama Liba and she would give me advice on how to resolve the dispute. This contributed significantly in resolving any issues that came up. Now that Nechama is no longer with us, I don’t know where to turn”. Well, we had no idea. Just one more precious gem and one more reason to be amazed. It is incredible how many people Nechama touched.


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