Sunday, June 25, 2006

Poem in memory of a student

How shall I start?
Where shall I begin?
When there are so many emotions,
Churning within.

Reminiscing about the past,
I cry tear after tear.
With an aching heart,
I cry about Nechama Liba, so dear.

Many times we wonder,
And many times we sigh.
Sometimes we think,
How much more must we cry?

But when we cry about Nechama Liba,
We also smile about the past.
The royal memories…
They will forever last.

Refined, sterling character,
Yes, a princess indeed.
In the bas melech role,
She certainly played the lead.

Nechama Liba,
Your purity was clear as crystal,
So dainty and fine.
Your beautiful Middos reflected in a prism,
Your shem tov  still does shine.

Your sweet disposition and constant smile,
Oh! How your eyes always gleamed.
You took everything in stride,
Life was perfect…or so it seemed.

But your neshama is perfect,
And Hashem wanted you nearby.
You’re right Nechama Liba,
We shouldn’t cry, - nor sigh.

Your neshama left this world,
Unblemished and pristine.
In so short a time,
The best of you we have seen.

You illuminated our lives,
You were a shinning sun.
But day is no more,
And night has begun.

Dearest Nechama Liba,
Oh! How I miss your sunshine.
But those twinkling stars remind me,
You’ll forever be mine!

With love and fond memories,

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Be a Fool

His hair was unkempt; he face was badly in need of a shave. His clothes did not match and his shoes were untied.
This was a man who had neither time nor concern for the mundane.
His eyes were bloodshot and dark circles enveloped his eyes.
Yet his eyes spoke volumes. They spoke volumes about where he had been, and even more about what he was going through.
His child was in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for weeks. He described how he was able to remain optimistic until a recent setback was like a body slam that he could not recover from. I tried to encourage him to have faith and to believe that everything would be alright.

I told him that the key to getting through this nightmare is made up of 3 ingredients:
1. To always think positively and believe that no matter what the current circumstances, that it would get better. That in the end, everything would turn out alright
2. Act realistically, not withstanding item #1 above, deal with the situation at hand.
3. Don’t set unreasonable expectations. There are setbacks. Accept that sometimes, it feels like we are taking 2 steps back, 1 step forward.

"Why should I put myself through that?" He said. Obviously he had been disappointed before.
This recipe has a positive affect in 3 areas:
1. Emotional - it is a healthy attitude. It is ok to fool yourself a little.
2. Practical - you will be able to think clearly. Depression just clouds your judgment
3. Spiritual- by believing you become a vessel to bring about the yeshua that you need.

"But what if I fool myself and then the worst happens? Won't I be setting myself up for disappointment?"

"No, the shock of death of a child is something which nothing prepares you for."
Think like a fool, just act wise.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In memory of a student #2

Although you were only a tender young student when I taught you, in reality, you were the teacher.

You were a role model to everyone who came in contact with you.  You taught us how to accept without complaint.  You taught us how to fight with fortitude and purity.  You taught us that heroes can be young and noble.  You taught us about hope and with your positive spirit, you permeated an aura of light, compassion and complete belief.  You were spunky yet so gentle.

In that year, Nechama Liba, you taught me “lessons” that will stay with me forever. As I write this, my hands shake.  Words could never adequately describe who Nechama Liba Holman A”H really was.  As I look back, I cannot express enough gratitude to Hashem that I had the zechus of having you in my classroom.

-----written by another teacher

Monday, June 05, 2006

Nechama, Where are you?

The clock turns 2:34am. The chilly wind slams against the window pane. Nechama, Where are you?
It is late and you are not home.
You are not even eleven years old.
You should be home with your parents and your family.
My eyes are tired from waiting up.

Mommy and I are sick and worried about you.
I want to go to sleep but I don’t know where you are.
Is it fair that your sister should have to go to sleep by herself?
It is cold outside.
Your bed is empty and warm and waiting for your return.
Are you safe? Are you having fun? Are you happy?
Do you know the people that you are with?
Are you being taken care of? Is it warm? Are you comfortable? Please come home. I promise I won’t be angry.
I will hold you and never let go.
My tears will be tears of joy at seeing you again.
All of this will be a scare that we can put behind us.
Then as I start to doze off, it hits me suddenly, like an icy cold snowball that hits you in the face, Nechama passed away almost 2 years ago. The reality stings me like a bee bite that has become infected.

Please G-d, bring Moshiach soon and in the meantime give us the strength to have faith that you are taking care of her even better than we ever could have.
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