Sunday, June 25, 2006

Poem in memory of a student

How shall I start?
Where shall I begin?
When there are so many emotions,
Churning within.

Reminiscing about the past,
I cry tear after tear.
With an aching heart,
I cry about Nechama Liba, so dear.

Many times we wonder,
And many times we sigh.
Sometimes we think,
How much more must we cry?

But when we cry about Nechama Liba,
We also smile about the past.
The royal memories…
They will forever last.

Refined, sterling character,
Yes, a princess indeed.
In the bas melech role,
She certainly played the lead.

Nechama Liba,
Your purity was clear as crystal,
So dainty and fine.
Your beautiful Middos reflected in a prism,
Your shem tov  still does shine.

Your sweet disposition and constant smile,
Oh! How your eyes always gleamed.
You took everything in stride,
Life was perfect…or so it seemed.

But your neshama is perfect,
And Hashem wanted you nearby.
You’re right Nechama Liba,
We shouldn’t cry, - nor sigh.

Your neshama left this world,
Unblemished and pristine.
In so short a time,
The best of you we have seen.

You illuminated our lives,
You were a shinning sun.
But day is no more,
And night has begun.

Dearest Nechama Liba,
Oh! How I miss your sunshine.
But those twinkling stars remind me,
You’ll forever be mine!

With love and fond memories,


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