Monday, August 29, 2005

A glimpse of the real Nechama

Just got back. I missed all of you.

Someone wrote to me that I should write about Nechama. After I pointed out a specific post which describes Nechama, He said "i have read every painful and beautiful post you wrote now,what i meant was something about HER not her pain or illness HER."

Let me help you get to know the real Nechama. She was almost always happy even as a young baby. She had a beautiful voice. She loved to sing. Her memory was incredible. She didn't forget anything. She was well liked in her class. She made an effort to be friends with people who did not have any other friends. She loved to laugh . She loved to do projects especially arts and crafts. She was extremly creative. She could take a shoe box and some paper towel holders and create an IV pole. She could keep herself busy for ours. She loved to play hospital. Her hair was very long and she never wanted to cut it. She always wore tznius clothing even when she was 3 years old. She davened the longest Shmonei Esreih in her class. She had an 'infectious giggle". She was very mature and had an adult sense of humour. It was like talking to a friend. She was fragile and afraid of the many procedures,tests that she was forced to endure. She was brave and she protected us more than we ever knew. We used to hold hands in the car when I drove her places.
I will write more about our Israel trip these past 2 weeks \Yartzheit over the next week. I will try to post more stories and writing from other people about Nechama.


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