Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hasgacha Pratis

Once while we were in the PICU, there was a Spanish speaking family in the bed next to us. There was nothing particularly outstanding about them. The patient was a newborn baby. The mother ,aunt and grandmother took turns hovering over the child. After a day, I noticed that a man with a yarmulke was visiting the baby. Somehow we started talking. He was the father of the baby girl. His wife,sister-in-law and mother in law were a Jewish family from a country in South America. I actually had a friend who was born in that country,came to the states for many years as a bochur. Then , he returned there for a few years after he was married to teach.Then my friend came back to America permanently. I thought it was a long shot but I asked the man if he knew my friend ,Jose-Chaim (not his real name). His jaw dropped and he was almost moved to tears. He explained that his daughter was born a few days earlier and had serious heart condition in South America, and that she would die within a few hours. This man took his newborn on the next plane to Columbia Presbyterian in New York. My friend had been his wife's Rebbi when he was last in Panama. Since they came to new York they had been trying to find my friend but he was not listed. Within minutes, I gave them my friends' number at work.
I do not know what they discussed but it gave them a tremendous amount of chizuk.


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